Reciprocity Fee Officially Terminated for Americans

Argentina issued a 90 day suspension on the reciprocity payment that began on March 24, 2016. This meant that American citizens could enter Argentina as tourists or on short-term business without paying the $160 entry fee (reciprocity fee). This freebie will remain in effect indefinitely as DNM contacts have stated the reciprocity fee for US citizens will not be reinstated.

Executive order issued by President Mauricio Macri has officially terminated the $160 visa fee for US citizens.

However, the DNM website has added a new nation that requires the visa fee to be paid. China. Citizens from The People’s Republic of China must now pay a tourism fee in order to visit Argentina. The fee is $50 USD and the visa lasts for 3 months. Once the fee is paid, the applicant will receive the proof of payment in the form of a document with a barcode.

Argentina visa for Chinese citizens is available online and must be paid prior to their travels.

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Argentina Visa for Chinese Citizens

Argentina has introduced a new streamlined process for all Chinese citizens that would like to visit Argentina for tourism. The Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA or AVE) will replace the traditional tourist visa needed that was required to visit Argentina. However, the applicant will need to have met certain criteria before they are able to apply for the ETA.

They must hold:

  • A valid a B2-category visa issued by the United States.
  • A valid Schengen visa issued by a nation that is part of the Schengen Agreement.

Nation that issue Shengen visas include: Austria, Belgium, The Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland.

After a valid B2 category visa or a Schengen visa is possessed, the traveler is eligible to apply for the ETA visa. Currently the visa fee is $50USD and its validity is 3 months. After approval, the ETA document will be sent via email to the electronic address provided on the online form.

The ETA was implemented due to the elimination of the consular visa requirement for Chinese citizens that hold a United States or Schengen visa. This new system will benefit the People’s Republic of China citizens traveling to Argentina for tourism reasons; a valid passport is also required. Keep in mind that the visa (US or Schengen) will need to have a validity that run concurrent with each other.

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Reciprocity Fee to be Reinstated on June 21, 2016

UPDATE: 07/06/2016. The reciprocity fee for U.S. citizens failed to be reinstated on the mentioned date. U.S. citizens are still not required to pay the fee.

The 90 day suspension on the reciprocity fee for American tourists is coming to an end quickly. Argentina temporarily halted the entry fee back in March due to U.S. President Barrack Obama and Argentinian President Mauricio Macri’s effort to strengthen the relationship between the United States and Argentina. The fee is still mandatory for Australian and Canadian citizens during the exemption period for Americans. Unless executive order is issued by the president, starting June 21, 2016, the reciprocity fee will become mandatory for all U.S. citizens that enter Argentina as tourists or on short-term business once again. 

It is important to know that the reciprocity fee must be paid prior to arriving at the airport. Airline agents will ask to see proof of payment at the gate and Argentine Immigration will ask again once you land in Argentina. Unfortunately, the reciprocity fee is required at all points of entry. By land, air or water; its required. As of January 2013, Argentina stopped taking payments at the airport and made it mandatory for the fee to be paid online.

Thankfully, theres always an exception to certain rules. This one is no different. The following conditions exempt travelers from paying the reciprocity fee:

  1. If you were born in Argentina and your passport states it.
  2. If you have a layover in Argentina thats 12 hours or less.
  3. If you already paid the fee and its still valid. (Remember, the fee is valid for 10 years for US citizens)
  4. If you are on a cruise and your ship docks in Argentina for 12 hours or less, and you don’t leave the ship.
  5. If you hold a dual citizenship. (Use the passport of the country that doesn’t require the fee to be paid)
  6. All other citizens that aren’t from U.S., Canada or Australia.
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When To Visit Argentina For The Most Fun

Visiting Argentina can be fun no matter when you come through, however, there are 3 major peaks and declines that you should at least consider. If money is no object, then go to Argentina whenever you’d like. As long as you have your passport ready, jump on a plane and enjoy the greatness of this South American country. However, if you’re planning and you have a budget, keep a few notes in mind as you traverse this option moving forward.

The Prime Season (Budget Friendly)
If you’re going to visit the resorts, and want to ensure that you are not breaking the bank, consider going during this low. June through August suffices in terms of visiting the northern part of the country. However, keep in mind that July is one of the busiest months of winter vacation for the country, and getting accommodations and tours can be rough.

The Midseason 
For those that have a little more room in the budget, consider going through in these seasonal times. Focus on September through November and then again in March through May. These can give you a little bit of an opportunity to visit with the natural areas, and get temperatures that aren’t going to be too extreme. Visit Mendoza and you may very well get to taste fresh grapes and wines that are distinct to the region.

The Busy Season 
If you’re going to visit during the busiest of times, you’ll find that November through February and July are the months that are going to be the most compelling. The cost will rise, but the fun may also rise exponentially. Look at visiting Patagonia through the snowy months and you can find some amazing natural splendor, including skiing, snowboarding, and so much more. It gets cold here, so make sure that you pack accordingly.

There are always exceptions to the rule here, but overall, the seasons shift in the aforementioned manner. Just keep in mind the times, and look out for travel deals that come through from time to time.

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Argentina Visa for Large Groups

Video Script

So . . . you’re looking to travel to Argentina in a group, right?!

AWESOME! You’re going to have the time of your life!

But before you get on that plane you have to make sure that each member of the group has paid the Reciprocity Fee or else you can forget about visiting Argentina!

That usually takes a great deal of time and cash to get it done, but we’ve got the solution for you . . .

If you’re a group of 10 or more, then offers a way for you to get each and every member of your group registered for the Reciprocity Fee, saving you time and money!

With our AMAZING registration process, if you’re traveling to Argentina as part of a large group, your entire group could pay the Reciprocity fee at once, and take advantage of the really attractive discounts you’ll be offered in the process.

No individual charges! No time consuming registration!

We’re helping you to get to Argentina, COMPLETELY HASSLE-FREE!

Get started at

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How to Apply for the Argentina Reciprocity Fee

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All citizens from the United States, Canada and Australia must pay a Reciprocity Fee before entering Argentina.

The Reciprocity Fee is easy to obtain at

For US citizens the Reciprocity Fee is valid for 10 years and costs $160 dollars.

Australian citizens must pay $100 dollars for a fee valid for 1 year.

For Canadian citizens the Reciprocity Fee is valid until 1 month before the expiration date of the current passport and it costs $92 dollars.

Why do I need a Reciprocity Fee? The United States, Canada and Australia require that Argentinian citizens pay a reciprocity fee when visiting these countries.

So, how do I apply? Go to GetVisatoArgentina.Com and click on “Apply Now”, enter your personal information and pay the fee.

The entire process takes 2 minutes and the Reciprocity Fee ticket is emailed to you as a PDF. You can also download it from the “My Account” section. A very simple process.

Airlines will not let you board the plane without a printed copy of the ticket, so make sure you print a copy before you leave for the airport.

Once you arrive in Argentina you will present the printed copy of the Reciprocity Fee ticket to the immigration authorities.

We hope this helps and have a great time in Argentina.


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2 Absolute Trips To Consider For Families on Vacation in Brazil

Iguazu Falls-Brazil-Argentina Reciprocity Fee

If you have children traveling with you, and you’re not sure what to do when traveling to Brazil, don’t worry, there’s a lot of opportunity. Amidst the many things that you may want to explore, you will find two major options jump out at you. The first is a natural wonder, and the second is a compelling destination that features a great deal of opportunity for families with children of all ages. These of course are only a couple of options that you’ll want to explore, and in no means are they the only opportunities that you’ll have to look into when traveling abroad.

Pao de Acucar

This is going to be one of the best trips that you take, for those that are looking at traveling through natural beauty, and want a view from the top. This is a locale that will require you to take a cable car that will take you upwards to 396m above Rio de Janeiro. Once you connect to the top, you’re going to be able to see the coast line in vivid view, and enjoy destinations that are going to allow something for every family member. You want to aim towards going to Morro de Urca, which is where you will find entertainment, shops, restaurants, and even a helicopter tour spot if you want to go even higher above the Rio landscape. If you’re thinking of taking this adventure by foot, you could look into the climbing guided tours that are available, but that may not be for kids that are too young.

Iguazu Falls River

For those that really want to brave the wild, you’ll want to go to Foz do Iguacu, Brazil. Once there, you’re going to find river rafting expeditions that will take you through the Iguazu River, and through some serious rapids. Don’t worry, professional tours aren’t going to put you in the face of serious danger, but you will definitely be guide through some serious rapids that will thrill your teenagers and adults in the family with ease. Equipment is necessary, and provided for you, and of course, if you want to brave more complex rapids, there are some options that very well could have you flying downstream at an incredible rate of speed.

The aforementioned gives you two major family options to consider while traveling to Brazil, and it’s just the beginning as there’s so much more to explore for young and young at heart alike.

Entry Visa

Brazil currently requires travelers to apply for a tourist visa. See agencies that will process the visa. Argentina has the Reciprocity Fee in place at the moment. Payment of the Reciprocity Fee is a lot simpler than your traditional visa.

For additional travel requirements for US Citizens, visit the State Department website or the Embassy of Argentina.

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Flying Hungry To Chile On Purpose? You Are Not Alone

Chile - Argentina Reciprocity Fee

This will sound outrageous to first time visitors to Chile, and I enjoy the ‘I told you so’ moment after landing. Intentional starvation and fasting, or whichever term you prefer. I could have done it for health reasons, but the yawns and tremors are a big price to pay for such a reason. Anyway, I have always ensure that 8 hours before getting to Chile, my stomach is free of substances which may interfere with my capacity to enjoy flavored cuisines, most of which I cannot pronounce. The names are complicated, recipes intricate and the taste exquisite, so the fact I cannot pronounce it doesn’t bother at all. Fortunately, most of the locations have sample and you can always tell the person serving to ‘make it like that one over there’.

So, what makes Chilean cuisines that influential to feeding habits of most frequent flyers to the wonderful nations? Why is the sacrifice worth? Does it mean the food I the location you are coming from that bad? There are suitable responses to these answers, but I think it is better to focus on sampling some of the cuisines and forget getting stuck on the details. Eating Chilean involves understanding the settings under which the various cuisines are best enjoyed, the suitable wine to accompany, and knowing what hot and what is not.

Starting from the top, for appetizers, you can always select between Cheese Emparads, Humitas, Empanadas (fried), and Pan con Palta among others. These cuisines are basically drawn from a blend of European and ethnic Chilean elements presenting a delicious and awe inspiring experience just before handling the hunger issues. Well, appetizers are meant to generate and appetite, and any of these never fail to impress.

Sandwiches are also available, including buscuits referred to as Pan con Chicharron, Hallullas, Marraquetas, and Choripan among others. These normally come hand in hand with salads which feature variations with pepper, onions, tomatoes and other herbs such Salpicon and Ensalada Chilena (basically Chilean Salad in Chilean).

Once your appetite has gone interstellar, moving onto the main courses will introduce to beef based cuisines including Porots Granas, Ajaico, Arevejado, Arrollado Huaso, Chorillanas, Charquan and Pastel De Choclo. If you prefer vegetation food, there is Pastel de Choclo for vegetarians among other surprises in the menus. Most of these foods are prepared hot, so if you do not like pepper, you can always request a variant suitable for that.

Deserts and beverages exist for a good purpose at this point, after filling your system with the most delicious meal ever. The range of Chilean Brandys, wines and cocktails will blow your mind. You can always catch up on some desert as well including Manjars and Sopaipillas among others. The last time I tried to mention the names of the food I ended up losing irrecoverable minutes which could have been invested in sampling some of the other dishes.

Travel Visa

Chile was added to the US Visa Waiver Program on 2014. Subsuquently ending the entry fee needed to pay to enter chile. Argentina on the other hand still charges travelers from the US, Canada and Australia a Reciprocity Fee. Make sure you are aware of visiting countries’ entry and exit fees before you begin your travels.

For additional details on requirements for US Citizens, visit the State Department website or the Embassy of Argentina.

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How To Unwind In Argentina


Glorious Argentina, eighth largest country in the world, second largest country in the Southern Hemisphere, is famous for its sexy tango dancing and spicy cuisine. Many of us plan our vacations there around the nightlife, the adventure, and the exquisite scenery, but of course, holidays are supposed to be about relaxation, too!  You’ve gone kayaking, you’ve trekked around to all the museums, and now you’re tired. Time to hit up one of Argentina’s many beautiful spas!

 If you’re a great lover of wine looking to hit the big snooze button on life and chill out among the grapevines, you’ll adore the Cavas Wine Lodge of Mendoza, Argentina. Surrounded by Andean ranges and situated in the middle of an enormous vineyard, the wine isn’t the only splendor around. The drive up to this lovely, hidden chateau makes you feel as though you’re winding your way through an enchanted forest of grape leaves, and their friendly staff is happy to assist in any way possible. Spa services include wine baths to oxidize and purify the skin, grape seed dermabrasion, and luxurious full-service pool. Did we mention the wine?

 Hailed among the best spas in the world is the Delta Eco Spa in Tigre, Argentina. You have the option of renting a room to yourself or a small cottage to split among friends. Either way, you’ll be staying in an environment completely catered to relaxation, with warm, earthy tones and the most comfortable of amenities. Members of staff are delighted to tailor your spa experience to you personally, with options such as hydromassage tubs, professional massage services, including hot stone, and hydrotherapy in either of their crystal-clear pools. You can take a bit of exercise, too, or stroll leisurely through the superb gardens with a chilled glass of champagne.

 If you’re looking for a more ‘all in one package’ sort of deal, but don’t want to sacrifice luxury and pampering, Grace Cafayate answers the call handsomely. The sprawling estate of this establishment is framed by some of the most charming scenery in all of Argentina. The dreamy landscape makes for the perfect romantic getaway for young couples and anniversary-goers alike. Staying at the hotel gives you access to its champion golf courses and polo fields, but the spa is truly something special. Expect to be lavished with the undivided attention of staff members and provided with the utmost care throughout your stay.

 You’ve earned your vacation, saved up your money, put in the time, so now’s the time to really kick back. You may choose to get the spa visit out of the way first to melt away your troubles before you face all of the other excitements ahead of you, or you might choose to pack all the indulging in right before you’re set to hop on the plane home. In any case, the magnificent spas and resorts of Argentina are there to take you away from all the stresses of modern life, so book your stay today.

Argentina Reciprocity Fee

Travelers visiting Argentina for 90 or less are required to pay the reciprocity fee. This entry feee applies to US, Canadian and Australian citizens. Proof of payment will be must be presented once you arrive in Argentina. Visit ReciprocityFees.Org for a secured online application for the reciprocity fee.

For additional details on requirements for US Citizens, visit the State Department website or the Embassy of Argentina.

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How to Pay the Argentina Reciprocity Fee Online

Citizens of the United States, Australia and Canada must possess a passport to travel to Argentina. If they intend to travel to Argentina as tourists or on business, for a period less than 90 days, they are exempted from asking for a visa. However, they do have to pay the Argentina Reciprocity Fee, which isn’t different from what Argentine citizens have to pay for traveling to US, Canada or Australia. (Hence the name “Reciprocity”)

Reciprocity Fee

Until recently, the Reciprocity fee could be paid for only at the at the Provincia Pagos Website belonging to the Argentinian Government, but today, it is now possible to pay the Reciprocity fee at other websites as well. For US citizens, the Reciprocity fee is $160, for Canadian citizens, it is $92 and for Australian citizens, $100. The Reciprocity fee must be paid well in advance of the trip to Argentina. Please note, cash payments at border entry points are not accepted.

We discuss the process of paying the Reciprocity fee next.

Step 1. Go to the website ReciprocityFees.Org

Step 2. Click on the option “Apply Now” or “Get My Reciprocity Fee” and fill out the form. The information provided by you is gathered by Argentina’s Immigration Office, after the completion of the process.

Step 3. An e-mail will be sent to you with the receipt of the Reciprocity Fee (barcode) attached. This is sent within one business day of submitting the form. Expedited service also available.

Step 4. Take a printout of this receipt and present it to the DNM office on reaching Argentina, where the government officials validate your receipt.

That’s it! You can now have a whale of a time in Argentina!

For those of you who wish to stay in that beautiful country for longer than 90 days, please contact the Argentinian Consulate nearest to you.

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